Jason Wilson      Founded by Jason Kinsey brought to life by Jason Wilson                Mind Prophets Audiotroniks is the vocal creative branch for Sickill Studio. Jason Wilson has the unique ability to become a character instantly with his special blend and history for the love of acting as well as experience in the field itself.  Jason Kinsey has experience with more playful and deliberate voice work but Jason Wilson can simply transform. Jason Wilson helps in this department and has a unique sense to get people involved. As both voice talents go to work Jason Kinsey masters each audio clip to its full potential going by the style and rhythm of the characters by adding pitch, speed, tone, and any effects if needed. Sickill Studio has multiple resources that contribute to the sound developments within each game title, most sounds used are generated through organic recordings and altered with several powerful programs. But the vocal department Mind Prophets Audiotroniks is a locally based character voice unit consisting of a combined effort in order to bring humor, rage, narrative, and feeling into the games through a love for raw voice changing ability.